Firebird Envirolite Boilerhouse Heat Only Oil Boiler 18-20kW

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The Firebird Envirolite range of boilerhouse models are oil fired boiler is surrounded by a PVC coated close-fitting casing and is ideal for fitting into a boilerhouse. Retrofitting is far easier thanks to 4 tappings and 2 flow and returns located in easy access positions.

The Envirolite is ideal for installation in a dedicated boilerhouse, garage or outbuilding. Flow and return pipework can be connected on either side of the boiler for retrofit and flexibility.

  • Patented heat exchanger design
  • Built from premium quality steel
  • Compact design
  • Multiple tapping points for ease of installation
  • Sturdy well insulated casing minimising heat loss
  • High performance Elco burner complete with full diagnostic control box
  • Sedbuk Bnd A part l compliant
  • High quality PVC coated close fitted casing
  • Condensate drain with built in trap
  • Stainless steel terminal guard
  • 4 tappings, 2 flow and return either side, top and bottom making retrofit easier
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Boiler ModelFirebird Envirolite
Boiler EnvironmentBoilerhouse
Product TypeOil Conventional Boiler
Manufacturer Product NumberEGE020SBH
Fuel TypeOil
Central Heating Output (kW)18-20
Shipping Weight (kg)107
Product Height (Approx mm)684
Product Width (Approx mm)441
Product Depth (Approx mm)381
Warranty ( Years )2 years parts and labour , 5 years on heat exchanger
5 years parts, labour and heat exchanger when installed with Firebird Envirofilter
10 years parts, labour and heat exchanger when installed by Firebird accredited installer / Firebird Envirofilter
Delivery (Approx Working Days)1 - 2
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